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Smooth powder that does not interfere with styling A
plant-derived smooth powder formulation that absorbs excess scalp sweat and sebum, which are the cause of scalp stickiness.
Furthermore, since it does not appear white, it can be used without worrying about styling.
Recommended at such times
■ When you are concerned about the stickiness of the scalp ■ For
refreshing after exercise
■ For grooming care before meeting people
Plant-derived smooth powder formulation
Not only removes excess sweat and sebum, but also moisturizing ingredients The combination moisturizes the scalp and conditions it.
Contains 5 organically certified plant-derived ingredients, Organic Moist CPX *.
* Orthosihon stamineus extract, noni juice, blueberries leaf extract, rosemary leaf extract, hydrolyzed soybean extract (black soybean) (moisturizing)
A fragrance that supports a clean impression.
A unique blend selected from over 100 scents.
Aromatic citrus scent that feels clean and calm.
(Lime & Cedarwood)
Enjoy the scent that changes over time like perfume until the last note. All ingredients: LPG, ethanol, water, hydrolyzed soybean extract (black soybean), yaeyama aoki juice, rosemary leaf extract, bilberry leaf extract, orthoshon stamineus extract, fuchosou leaf extract, cha leaf extract, lemon juice, made in japan 

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