Kao SOFINA Sofina iP Base Care Serum Base Essence Body 90g

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[Product Features]
★ High-concentration carbonic acid foam beauty essence.
★ For skin that tends to be stiff in a harsh dry environment, to skin with high moisture density to the deepest part of the stratum corneum.
★ Original iP Power Prescription EX

Approximately 20 million creamy carbonic acid bubbles spread smoothly and adhere to the skin.
★ The beauty essence penetrates deep into the stratum corneum.
★ Smooth skin surface. It moisturizes and softens the skin, and improves the familiarity of the beauty essence to be used next.
★ Complex moisturizing ingredient
★ [iP complex D combination]
★ <DPG / propanediol / PEG>
★ Moisturizes, softens and moisturizes skin.
★ Ocean energy scent that springs up from the inside

○ Allergy tested
○ Patch tested with the cooperation of those with sensitive skin * 2
* 1 Those who are temporarily unfit for cosmetics due to environment or physical condition 
* 2 Skin test to confirm the irritation
does not mean that allergies and skin irritation does not occur to everyone.

Made in Japan 

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