Gangwon-do My Fancy Lip Gloss

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Made in Japan 
Lip gloss that fits in a fresh and comfortable lightness"

All 6 lip gloss colors with mineral color design without using synthetic pigments. With 20 kinds of skin care ingredients * 1, it cares for delicate lips that are easy to dry and realizes "it is more comfortable to wear". Light and comfortable to use and fits snugly on the lips. Covers dullness, vertical wrinkles, and unevenness that are worrisome with age * 2, and keeps a transparent and fresh luster for a long time * 3.

● Mineral color design
● Beautiful coloring with a single coat
● Moist treatment for lips

* 1 Moisturizing and skin conditioning ingredients
* 2 Makeup effect
* 3 There are individual differences.

Polybutene, ethylhexyl hydroxystearate, dextrin palmitate, rice bran extract, ginseng root extract, altea root

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