Dress Lift Facial Wash (Pigment Wash) 120g

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Made in Japan 

because it contains plenty of beauty ingredients. Moisturizing foam, just like a beauty cream, gently polishes the skin while thoroughly removing dirt.

[Cirture riser S6] Keep the skin level and give it a real firmness. A unique raw material that holds the "life of beauty".
Focus on the fact that the skin-beautifying factors related to the life of beauty decrease over time. "Saturizer S6" draws out the elasticity and elasticity of the skin itself, and keeps the skin-beautifying level high to maintain the ideal elasticity.

[Fermented collagen] Since it reaches the depths *, the firmness changes. A uniquely developed elastic ingredient with a very small size. * To the depths of the stratum corneum.
"Dress Lift" contains a special "fermented collagen" that has been fermented with Jiuqu and reduced in molecular weight by enzymes. By making the molecular weight smaller than that of general collagen, it is characterized by being able to penetrate deeper into the stratum corneum more quickly and reliably. Collagen, which is necessary for people in their 40s and has abundant quality and quantity, supplements the firmness.
Moisturizes the skin and makes fine wrinkles due to dryness less noticeable *, keeping the skin firm and elastic. * Efficacy evaluation tested

[functionality Aroma: damask rose keynote and the aroma of fragrance]
non-colored, non-mineral oil, paraben-free, alcohol-free
Allergy tested
※ does not mean allergy does not occur to people of all

sirtuin riser S6 · time breath DN (moisturizing component that gives elasticity and shine to the skin), (moisturizing component that gives elasticity to the skin) fermentation collagen, Willow bark extract combination dense adsorption foam.

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