Bio oil Avocado oil 50mL

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Made in Japan 
Part care, such as around the eyes to

Thick oil is ideal for parts care!
Extracted from avocado pulp, which is nutritious enough to be certified as Guinness.
Rich in vitamins, potassium, sterols, etc., it makes the skin soft and supple. Suitable for partial care before milky lotion or cream.

<For intensive care around the eyes>
An oil obtained from the nutritious avocado pulp called "forest butter". As for the part to be used, it is excellent not only for the whole body but also for tightening the skin, and it is especially suitable for the care of eyes, neck streaks, stretch marks, etc.

<The world's first. Introducing with our own applicator! 
Developed "MY Drop Applicator" that can adjust the amount of oil to a slight difference according to the skin type and condition. You can adjust the standard amount according to your skin type drop by drop and find the best way to use it.

【how to use】
After applying lotion, apply an appropriate amount before milky lotion or cream to dry or wrinkled areas such as the eyes.

Remove the cap and gently turn the bottle upside down in the palm of your hand. Take an appropriate amount of oil on your fingertips and apply. It is recommended to use it on areas where you are concerned about dryness and wrinkles, such as around the eyes, after applying lotion.

 [Around the eyes]
 Using your fingertips, apply while gently pressing the area around the eyes, and apply from the inner corners of the eyes to the edges of the eyes.

Avocado oil, tocopherol, soybean oil

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